Mid May CSA Blog

Welcome to the blog. The main focus  is to up date all the  CSA members as to what is going on at the farm. With a small CSA membership such as we had last year we were able to pretty much send e-mails with  info as attachments, but  I think this  format serves a better  purpose in that I dont have to  spend any time  trying to be an IT person sorting out PDF, DOC files etc to send to you all. It will be  right here in the blog, if and when you want to read it. As always, don’t be afraid to contact us with questions or comments.

We are in the middle of planting season, and as of today (5/15) we are having to irrigate everything we either seed or transplant. The  lack of rain complicates how we manage planting. We have to be extra vigilant in conserving soil moisture as we prepare for planting on our very light and sandy soils. Our labor force for the field crew is not up to size yet and our tractor tillage guy suffered some rotator cuff injury, so Ray, Mike and I have been trying to get the field prep done in between our other activities.  The strawberries are just starting to show signs of buds and a few blossoms, but they seem to be sitting there sulking in the ground so we will provide a little  bit of fertilizer this next week and turn on the irrigation in hopes of breaking them out of their doldrums. The raspberries wintered well with very little injury and the blueberries are starting to bloom as well. Even the peach blossoms didn’t get clipped this winter, but a lot can still go wrong with them before we harvest any. Keep your fingers crossed.

Plant sales in the greenhouses are brisk as gardeners have been taking advantage of the sunny dry weather to work in their gardens.  Our greenhouse hours are 10-5:30  seven days a week except Sunday when we close at 4:30. The greenhouse crew has the houses spit polish clean and approaching full, and they are  beautiful, so even if you are not an avid  gardener you should come by and take in the different colors. It’s quite a sight.