May 21

Dry conditions and lack of help have hindered us from getting our field transplants out in a timely fashion. All the rain promised last weekend by the NOAA weather experts ended up on the streets of Boston and left us high and very dry. A light frost event early(very early) Tuesday morning saw us firing up three tractors and pumps to protect the strawberry blooms. The upside of that was that they needed the water anyway, but we still prefer not starting our farm workday at 2:30 AM.  We have been irrigating fields to get enough moisture in the soil so that we can lay down plastic mulch for our field  tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and summer vine crops. You can monitor this ongoing process during the next week as you drive by the farm stand on Route 12A, as we transplant and put row covers over the transplanted crops. The row covers are the white tunnels that look like snakes in the field that modify the environment for the transplants and give some early season insect protection as well. We now are about a week behind on getting our field work done, but our H2A workers Roy and Willie are returning today and Geordie will be returning from college so we hope to start getting caught up. This weekend is the official Memorial Day Weekend as officially declared by some governmental bureaucracy that decides these things, like which day we would like to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday on this year etc, etc. This  means that the greenhouses should be busy, which is a good thing. Sarah, Anne and the crew have done a great job with displays and layout and all the  colorful plants are looking  their finest.