June 5

Some much needed rain (.5″) came last Saturday night in the form of a gullywasher, but brought some temporary relief. We likely will have to go back to full-tilt irrigating by Friday or Saturday, especially if it turns hot, but it has allowed us to do some maintenance, mowing, weeding and to continue our transplanting. This week we got out more lettuce and cole crops, all of our hard squash and pumpkins. Geordie, Roy and Willie will finish transplanting next year’s strawberries by early Friday if all goes well. Mike and Ray have fixed the drip irrigation on the blueberries and peaches (looks like we are going to have some this year…2 out of 6 years. It might make a respectable batting average but it’s pretty pathetic for cropping). They are also tied up moving perennials out of the greenhouses and onto benches, a seasonal ritual that takes a lot of bodies. We hope to do the final weed cleanup in the strawberries next week, there are a few berries with color on the black plastic berries, so we may have a few trickle into the greenhouses by mid week, but the main crop, which is grown on bare ground, is about 10 days behind this year and actually struggling a bit from being under snow for so long; the fields never lost their snow until April this year,and ideally they should see daylight by mid-March. Oh well…hopefully frost season is behind us. Hopefully.

A few have asked about when the stand will open, and I would have to say that unless the weather turns “cooperative” it will be a couple of weeks. But maybe by this time next week I will be singing a different tune. Still a lot of planting and weeding to do, bird netting to go up in the blueberries, cut flowers to go out etc. What’s the old saying – “It’s hard to see the swamp when you are up to your arse in alligators?”