June 27

Boy,sure feels like summer now. We have dodged some nasty thunderstorms and we have gone from cold and dry to hot and muggy. The plants and veggies love it …..but so do the weeds. Suffice to say we are hustling to keep up with everything. Both our farm stand and the strawberry u-pick are now open and that stretches the workforce. This is the biggest and most difficult hurdle of the season to get over. The farm stand and u-pick workers are gearing up for the holiday which, oddly enough, is our busiest time of the year. The guys in the field have been putting in 13-hour days this week. They are picking strawberries first thing in the morning and planting and weeding the balance of the day. A major undertaking this week was trying to get bird netting on the blueberry field, which is now completed. It’s a big pain but should drastically reduce the amount of damage we experienced last year from the robins, jays and cedar waxwings by keeping them out of the blueberry planting. But weeding the vegetables and next year’s strawberry planting will certainly preoccupy us this upcoming week, if all goes well and there are no unexpected crises.