July 9th

Well, we got through through the 4th of July unscathed. This is our busiest weekend of the year, and with all three greenhouses, farmstand, pick your own and now CSA going on, we have been pretty busy. The field crew has routinely been putting in 70-hour weeks, and we could use some more bodies next year if we continue at this speed. But July 4 is to our season sort of like Wednesday is to the five day work week: its “Humpday” and I think we all feel a little less pressure in our routines. Soon we will be done with picking peas and strawberries, and will turn to picking blueberries. (We are already into raspberries.)

As promised, there will be a midday gleaning party with Ray on (this coming) Sunday, July 13. He will be in the field from 11-2 and he will be in our Sumner Falls Bed which is two miles past our farm on River Road. Many of you will know the way already and you will see Ray out in the field . He is the only 6’6″ guy who will be wandering around in 1′ high strawberry plants. Bring containers, the picking won’t be great but the conversation should be and you should be able to pick a few for the final shortcake or a few for jam. Maybe I will see you there!

Another thing to think about: we will be planning a CSA on-farm event, sort of to meet the troops who are behind the boxes and to get a farm tour. It would have to be a mid-week evening or a Sunday afternoon and will have to be after the 20th of August (that is when blueberry picking winds down). Given those parameters, if you have a preference please let Kalila or Ray know at the drop site, or you can e-mail me here.

Stay cool!