August 1

Been a couple of weeks since last I wrote. We have had some extreme weather since then, but I expect that we are luckier than some as we have avoided hail and tornadoes. This excessive moisture is a double-edged sword, as vegetables like the tropical conditions but it brings on leaf and fruit rots  (pretty well wrecked the summer raspberries) and the heavy rains will also leach nutrients out of the soil, so that has to be compensated for. The corn has come on and you can expect to see some in the boxes this Tuesday if we can keep the red-winged blackbirds out of it. They can come in by flocks of the hundreds and peck up the ears rendering them unmarketable. To combat them we use balloons, helium kites, propane cannons and good old-fashioned shotguns. All this takes additional time out of a productive work day, but seems as though it is part of the problem of trying to raise sweet corn near water and on a migratory flyway. One plant that loves this weather are the blueberries; the new plant growth is great as is the  berry size.

As mentioned in an earlier blog,we do not have a way of legally dividing up the melons  amongst members through cutting them and  putting them in boxes. If any of you have suggestions please let us know as we are starting to pick some ripe ones for the farmstand.