September 1st

This will be the last call for this coming Saturday’s CSA Membership Farm Day from 4 pm to approximately 7 pm. There will be a short meeting and introduction of the field employees followed by a quick wagon tour of the farm, followed by snacks and beverages at the packing shed. Although  originally designed for the debit card CSA members and the Eastman box CSA members, we welcome family members and any prospective members who may be interested in joining. It should be a fun and informative time.

These days at the farm there is a tinge in the morning air that gets your attention. Fall is definitely working its way here, and there is much yet to do. We will start digging potatoes later this week, and we will cut and windrow the pumpkins. The hard winter squash vines still look pretty green and healthy indicating that they are not ready to be cut. Field tomatoes are pouring in and we are busy trying to fill orders for canning tomatoes, cukes for pickling and freezer corn. Fall raspberries are coming in, and this sunny weather is really sweetening them up. As the crops get harvested we quickly chop the plants and weeds back into the soil and plant cover crops, some already up and doing well. But it has turned so dry that we will be irrigating again this week, trying to encourage the last vegetable plantings to keep plodding along and the cover crops to germinate. If you are up this way you should stop by the stand as it is as colorful as the greenhouses are in May.

We look to see you Saturday afternoon.