September 28

No frost down on the river yet, but can it be very far away? Our last planting of corn actually ripened up a lot the last four days with the murky damp tropical depression. The tomatoes have held up well to this point but I suspect that the warm damp nights have unleashed a Pandora’s box of disease and they will start to go down quickly. Nonetheless, the stand looks nice with colorful ripe peppers and tomatoes, corn, different colored potatoes, flowers and fall apples, squash and  pumpkins. As Yogi said: ” It ain’t over ’til it’s over” so we muddle on, with no frost yet and the stand closing dates set at Columbus Day weekend.

The field crew has been busy with wholesale: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers to the Co-ops, sweet corn to a few farm stands and pumpkins, raspberries (when weather permits) and mums to area stores and farm stands. I have been  getting some of the fields cleaned up and seeded down to various winter cover crops. The irrigation pipe is all picked up and out of the fields.  Soon I will be putting up deer fence around the small fruit crops so they don’t chew the leaves and branches. All with an eye towards winter, but we are not worried. There is lots of nice fall weather to be enjoyed yet…