October 13

Today the Route 12A farm stand closes, (although if any of you still want root crops for winter storage, please feel free to contact me through the e-mail).  It has been a difficult and challenging growing year for all the area growers, and the weather and economic situations still govern how successful we ultimately are as farmers.  But here at Edgewater we had an enjoyable work environment with a great crew of folks this summer, and that – more than the oftentimes disagreeable weather – is what I will take away from this year.  Many of them will drift off to other jobs or travel in the next couple of weeks, making late fall a bittersweet time for us.

So with the closing of the doors of our retail arena we begin anew the work toward the 2009 year. Although we will still be packing out root crops for wholesale, we are well along in our fall field work, with cover crops in and fall clean-up well underway. We have already begun inventorying pots and plastic for the greenhouses and fertilizer for 2009. We are in the midst of replacing an older greenhouse and I have started to do the annual pressure-washing and maintenance on the the tractors, machinery and tools in hopes of getting them all put away and ready for spring before the snow flies. We have a lot of tree take-downs to deal with in the hedgerows around the fields, and in particular near the greenhouses, where the trees have grown to a height where they are cutting down on the sunlight. We are moving plants into the stock-plant house to winter over and propagate. Garlic will be planted tomorrow. So although many people believe that we have acquired a lot of spare time on our hands, we actually hit the ground running with a full slate of things to do as the days become ever cooler and shorter.

We are grateful for your patronage and support. The kind words are a great boost in validating our work, and we want to thank those of you who left a plate of cookies or pan of brownies as an expression of your appreciation. (Editor’s note: in the future, please drop all food down at the barn wash area as the girls at the farm stand sometimes don’t share well with the field crew.) To those of you in the CSAs,-both the Eastman Box drop  and the debit shareholders – we  will be meeting this week to evaluate  what we have done this year and what we will do in 2009. You will be  contacted with a proposal,  or the proposal will be  posted on the farm home webpage.

Have a great fall and we hope to see you out and about.