Nov 13

Although the days are shorter and the remaining crew starts later in the morning, (it’s getting tough to ignore how cool it is in the morning) we are still very busy, mostly buttoning up for the winter and trying to get a few things done that we  won’t have time for once we start greenhouse season in mid-February. We have re-covered five greenhouses with new poly skins and finished replacing our old 28 X 96 greenhouse. Mike has electrical work to do in it yet, as well as reconfiguring the bench layout within. Anne, Jenny and Sarah have been dividing, weeding and getting the perennials ready to cover outdoors in the field with insulation and a sheet of old greenhouse poly to keep them from getting any more wet than they are (it’s been a very wet fall up here, so far.)  I have been occupying myself with smaller clean-up  projects and trying to get the machinery repaired and serviced and ready to go  for spring ’09.  Most of the field work is done and we took down a great many trees that were overhanging the lower-level greenhouses and along the river’s edge in the lower meadow. Our first tractor-trailer load of straw will arrive tomorrow, and we will probably start mulching the strawberries and rhubarb next week, weather permitting.  Then we hope to try to prune some blueberries before winter really sets in. That should take us into December, so if we get anything major done outside after that, it will be gravy. Of course, there is tax preparation for Anne to contend with as our fiscal year ends December 31.  She has already been ordering flower and perennial materials but we will have to do the vegetable seed orders. When those tasks are completed, we can officially declare it to be the Holiday Season!