Feb 28 2010

Things have been very busy since my last blog. There has been some movement in response to the proposed federal food safety regulation that has been heartening. A particular senator actually  solicited some input from  some of us smaller growers  and recently the Hanover Consumer Coop urged its membership to  contact their senators   and  representatives with their concerns about the effects of the legislation (as written thusfar) upon thier local farms and  as well as their local food supply. So I wont belabor the discussion other than to say that it would be helpful if you are concerned as well to contact your legislator. Can’t hurt to be heard, and the stakes are significant.

So this week  the “rattle and hum” of the farm gets turned up a  notch. The crew is being assembled, people  are collecting at the farm to get underway for the 2010 season. Liz and I have been busy taking vegetative cuttings of  various ornamentals while Mike has sowed the onions for the field. I have been seeding perennials for the greenhouses and Liz and I grafted the  first batch of greenhouse tomatoes last Friday (350 plants). Later this week  we will open greenhouses to pot up the first of the incoming rooted cuttings and liners. Mike and Ray will fire up the soil potting machine and the peat dust will  return to the shelves we worked on  all winter to clean up.  There will be plenty more gray,damp,snowy,muddy days but this week we definitely will turn the corner on spring.