June 22

Hard to believe that the days will now get shorter. Days fly by, although somedays  not fast enough. We are  in the last stages of a very early strawberry season,and not an all together great one. The winter and  spring did little to  enhance the plants  ability to produce fruit,so production is down. We started so early and the weather has remained  such that we may have no berries for  July 4th, and that will be a first.  Not only are the vegetable  plantings screwy this year, but some of the native plants are confused as well. I see milkweed about to bloom and that  usually is as late July event.  What next? Fall foliage by Labor Day?  I dont care, just as long as winter doesnt come early.

On other fronts we  have started to  deliver to our CSA members and the farmstand is open. So we are very busy on many fronts,with some planting yet to do. Things seem to be growing well, although we have been notified that the dreaded disease Late Blight of Tomato and Potato has been found in  Connecticut so we are trying to prepare for that visitation. Its nice to be eating the greens and salad vegetables again. We again have a great crew of people working for us and they are all working long  hours. We are trying to squeeze in weeding and watering  in between  harvesting and sleeping.  The end of an early strawberry seasonalso means that we are going to have an early blueberry season….