August 21

We are now in the transition phase of  our summer where the college  students and  educators all return  to  school and we shuffle about trying to  fill positions for the remainder of the harvest season. It is a bit of a mad scramble for all the farmers as the term of employment is really only for a couple of months, and any extra work that may be available into early winter   goes out to those whom have been  in your employ for the longest duration. There is still lots to harvest-tomatoes,potatoes,onions,corn,fall raspberries- so the days will be long for the workers even as the day length shortens. None the less,the cooler temps will be a welcome relief  for those of us that felt this  past summer was  too hot for working in comfort. We are still very dry here at our farm and the summer  showers were pretty fickle  as many nearby farms have had adequate moisture where we have been irrigating out of the rivers and ponds. Every year we have to report to the sate department of environmental services how much water we use for irrigation purposes and this year we seem to have a bumper report going; quite a change from last year where we  hardly showed any use because of the excessive rains. Normally a dry year translates into minimal disease and pest issues. Not so this year as we have had overwintering populations of insect pests due to the mild winter (remember,I had my first bumper crop of peaches…)  and hot temps of the summer.We are looking forward to a pleasant fall and hope for a repeat  performance  of  the fall of 2009 which was long,warm and  sunny, as we have many projects on the docket.