Sept 5

The weather just keeps getting more bizarre. We just  finished 5 days of  over-ninety degree temps. On top of  it being extremely dry, this heat seems  back breaking at this time of the year.We just finished putting strawberry plug plants into black plastic,in hopes of fruiting them very early in spring of 2011. We had to  continually water them in order to keep them alive until the weather moderates  and temperatures cool off and they can establish themselves and start growing. If it was tough on the plants ,it was doubly tough on the crew working.  Hydration is so important for them in when it gets brutally hot like that.  Not only is it miserably hot to have to work in,but conditions  warrant that  you  pay attention  to avoid heat stroke, a very serious  condition. Now that temps are moderating we will continue with regular fall harvest of potatoes,pumpkins and winter squash. But because it has been so dry here I am afraid we are going to have to break out some irrigation  pipe to try to save some of our late fall sweet corn as well as keep the  other fall  vegetables  coming along. No rain in sight….