November 6th – Daylight Savings Time

Tonight we set the clocks back and I am repaid for the loss of an hour’s sleep one Sunday last spring. The crew continues to diminish as others leave for winter jobs or different lives. It is a bit sad to see them move on, but there is not much time to dwell on it as the workload amplifies for the few of us remaining. This fall we are rebuilding our farm stand and the first nails are to be pounded this coming Monday. There is a tension in the air as preparations for “winter” (snow) continue, and there will be a rush to get the new building roofed and buttoned before Christmas.  This will be complicated as the shorter and cooler days move in,  coupled with the often unstable weather.  Mike has been fixing broken greenhouse parts and putting things away, Griff, Ray and Jenny continue to work on packing out what little is left for the CSA (now done for the season) and Co-op orders. Sarah and Anne are trying to get flower and seed orders out for next spring’s material, and I have been working on getting the machinery serviced and put away while trying to get the stock plants up in the greenhouses cleaned up and sorted through. We have the specter of strawberry mulching looming before us which is always a dirty, time-consuming (and dangerous) job.  We would normally consider ourselves in good shape if we were not about to start building a new barn.

But there is also the excitement of creating something new as well, hopefully something a lot better. So we hope the real winter weather will hold out for a while as we round up the tape measures, hammers and utility knives, and head up to the farm stand.