January 24

Last night we had a cold night; it was -21 Fahrenheit here at  6:00 AM. That leads me to believe that Mother Nature effectively thinned the 2011 peach crop here at the farm.  Fortunately for the raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, we have good snow cover so they will be unaffected by this event.  But as I look out the kitchen window at the upper greenhouses I can see dollar bills going up in smoke as the furnaces struggle to keep the greenhouses temperate.

I have been taking cuttings and sowing seeds (the greenhouse tomatoes are up). Mike, Ray, Leo and Eric have intermittently been plugging away at the the farm stand renovation when materials are available and the weather moderates. Griff has been trying to resurrect a pile of damaged irrigation pipe to some level of functionality and we all have been moving a lot of snow. Our greenhouses and barns are not set up to handle winters with lots of snow, so we  have to deal with snow removal on several different fronts, several different ways. A five inch snowstorm will take 2 people with two machines a full 10 hour day to clean up, so just moving snow around gets to be an expensive proposition. Global warming is looking good to some of  us….