Our Greenhouses on The Connecticut River


04 greenhouse shot

If you are interested in gardening at any level, we encourage you to come  visit our greenhouses on River Road in Plainfield, NH. During our growing season, we try to include not only old favorites, but also plants not commonly offered at most  nurseries and garden centers. These  are special varieties we acquire from fellow plant enthusiasts, gardeners, and from seed houses and nurseries  afar.  We then grow the plants, trial them in our gardens and  propagate them during the winter season.

Whether you are a container gardener or professional landscaper there is something of interest for everyone.  We have traditionally  offered unusual  cultivars of begonias, pelargoniums,  heirloom coleus and an expanded line of fuschia plants and salvias. To add structure and interest to your borders you can find large  specimens of agave, cannas, phormiums,sedges and grasses.  We believe that many tropical species have their rightful place in the northern garden, and you can find  them here. .

Gardeners  can really  capitalize on our experience as vegetable growers, and market  gardeners as well as ornamental enthusiasts. We service many landscapers because of our large plant selection and  the plant vigor and health that  our transplants exhibit.  We  offer many varieties of small fruits and vegetables , as well as medicinal  and  culinary herbs.    Your questions will be  answered  by a friendly and engaging staff who are as interested in your  successful gardening experience  as much as you are.

Spring brings a feeling of renewed hope to gardeners world wide. Come share that feeling with us as you browse our greenhouses. Whether you just need  a couple of flats of pansies to chase the winter blues away, or a  brugmansia standard to anchor  a patio container  garden, you will  find something for  every gardeners taste. If you are looking for something specific, you can e-mail us and we will  get back to you with an answer usually the same day.


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