Willing Hands


Willing Hands is a charitable organization  that  collects and gleans  fresh food  and redistributes it  to individuals and  organizations that  have need  and  food that otherwise might go to waste.  More importantly, they  provide a necessary  link for local farms  to those of need in  busy seasonal times when there is extra produce available and not  enough  free hands around to do charitable work. Oftentimes they will come on farm to  to actually glean or  harvest what might otherwise be left in the field.

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Edgewater Farm has  strong ties to Willing Hands.   Many tons of extra produce or  produce of lesser cosmetic quality  is donated by us annually. Pooh currently serves on the Board of  Directors of the organization and strongly believes in  Willing Hands mission statement as well as it’s  “boots on the ground” daily operation and management.

Willing Hands can exist only through the generous financial support of the community,  its ties to local agriculture and the donation of community sweat equity. To read more about Willing Hand please go to this link:  www.willinghands.org


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